Coconut Chips Two Ways; Sweet Maple and Cinnamon or, Salt, Vinegar and Chilli.

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Cape Tribulation. What a beautiful place! As we drove in we were lucky enough to see a Cassowary! It was so beautiful, gracefully crossing the road in front of us, luckily far enough away from me to have time to slow down. The magic didn’t end there; for 5 days we explored the Daintree Rainforest, beaches lined with coconut trees, sacred Aboriginal waterholes and watching huge turtles dive down from the rocks as we fished from the cliffs at sunset. I wouldn’t be surprised if I find myself back there one day to stay for quite a while.

I’ve learnt how to fish, look for citrus trees and turn a humble coconut into cocktails, milk, cream, chips, etc, you name it, a coconut can do it! oh, and it also helps to have a tall, strong, slightly silly boyfriend to climb the trees for you. I’m quite good at spotting the good ones on the ground though, however, these are usually only good for making chips…not a bad thing! I had recently bought a small container of roasted coconut chips, so delicious, yet quite pricey. So when we cracked open these coconuts and I found the thick firm flesh inside I decided to give some flavoured chips a go.

I used what I had in my spice ‘crate’ in the back of the car and came up with these two flavours. One sweet and one salty, and good for so many occasions; snacking, topping breakfasts, salads and desserts. I didn’t really measure the quantities here because it was an experiment, but they worked quite well and are pretty versatile, so you can’t really mess them up and it leaves you open to adding your own spin. I also didn’t have access to an oven, so my method isn’t ideal; I think a long slow bake would make them extra crunchy and delicious.







One large brown coconut, flesh removed and thinly sliced , halved into two lots

Sweet Maple and Cinnamon

Pure Male Syrup, enough to coat

About 1 tsp ground cinnamon

About 1 tsp salt

Salt, Vinegar and Chilli

White wine vinegar, enough to coat

1-2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp chili flakes


In two containers combine the coconut chips with the ingredients for the two flavours.

Leave to marinate overnight.

Pour out onto paper towel and pat dry, leave in the sun or somewhere warm for about an hour to dry out a bit.

Pan fry in a non stick saucepan, on a low heat, stirring constantly for about half an hour or until golden brown and dry. Remove from heat, spread onto a surface so that they aren’t on top of each other and allow to cool.

Alternatively, slow bake in a low oven until golden brown and dry.

Store in an air tight container for a couple of days.


4 thoughts on “Coconut Chips Two Ways; Sweet Maple and Cinnamon or, Salt, Vinegar and Chilli.

  1. They look delicious Ash! I wanted to try them this weekend, but we are doing a juice cleanse, so it’ll have to wait until next week.


  2. Hi Ashe, It’s Nancy from the macadamia farm. I am about to try your ceviche (or however you spell it). Looks great. Isn’t Cape Tribulation wonderful! We used to go up there by boat when we were teenagers and have a great time. If you meet one Paul Mason say Hi as I used to go to school with him. Pete’s brother John is back from the Palmer River and would love to see you both if you are going back around Cairns. His wife died 18 months ago and he is still missing her greatly. He is quite a bad diabetic and I am sure he would love some of your wonderful food.
    Cheers to you and Ben. Nancy


    1. Hi Nancy! How did the ceviche go? Hope it worked out well for you! We are up in Cooktown now, doing lots of fishing, not much luck so far though. hopefully today is the day! Hope you are well, say Hi to everyone from Ben and I!


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