Gluten and Dairy Free Coconut, Banana and Date Loaf

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You know that age old question; ‘If you were stuck on a desert island and could only have one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?’, well, I’ve finally come up with my answer, coconuts. In conclusion, I may as well go and live out my days on a deserted island….no arguments here.

I’ve only recently started experimenting with different types of gluten free flours, trying to find good combinations to achieve the right texture. So far I’ve found a combination of course and fine flours works well. I’m excited to discover more about what I can do with the increasing array of gluten free flours that are becoming available. I’m not gluten intolerant but I know many people who are and I do notice the difference in my digestion when I don’t eat too much gluten.

This loaf is deliciously moist and flavoursome, especially served with some manuka honey and coconut yoghurt. Coconut yoghurt…if you haven’t tried it, do it.

I was a sight to see this morning after shooting these pics; sitting in my backyard in my pyjamas, enjoying the s**t out of this delicious treat with a jar of jasmine tea….I do my best work in the morning.

You could change the dates in this recipe to any other dried fruits that you like and the addition of nuts would also be lovely. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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Oh, and that little kitty cat is our newest housemate Nahla, she just decided to start living with us last weekend and is so lovely we haven’t been able to let her go. She kept me company through this mornings shoot.DSC_0073




230g buckwheat flour

160g coconut flour

1/2 tspn bicarb soda

2 tsp baking soda

160g coconut sugar

50g desiccated coconut

2 tspn cinnamon

4 eggs

4 large very ripe bananas

2/3 cup coconut oil

2 tsp vanilla extract

130g fresh dates chopped

1/4 cup almond milk

Manuka honey and coconut yoghurt, to serve. Optional.

Pre-heat fan forced oven to 180 degrees celcius. Grease and line loaf tin.

In a food processor process eggs, bananas, coconut oil, vanilla and almond milk until smooth.

In a large bowl sift the flours with the cinnamon, bicarb soda and baking soda. Add the coconut sugar and desiccated coconut and stir to combine. Add the chopped dates and stir to combine.

Add the banana mixture and gently stir to combine, try not to over mix. Pour into prepared tin.

Bake for about 40mins, or until dark golden and firm. It should spring back fairly well when pressed in the middle. Don’t be alarmed by how dark the outside will become, the inside will be perfect.

Rest in the tin for about an hour before slicing. If it is a few days old, it is lovely warmed in the oven or toasted under the grill.




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